Devon Renewal, LLC – Developer

Devon Renewal is a small team dedicated to the excitement of urban, sustainable living.  We believe in building personal human scale structures and living spaces which are elegant in design and energy efficient.  For 64 Watson, we are proud to blend the recreated historic 1905 facade with beautiful modern interiors, sweeping views, and unique features such as European triple pane windows for energy efficiency.

McIntosh Poris – Architect & Interior Designer

Founded in 1994, McIntosh Poris is a leading Detroit-based architecture, urban and interior design firm with special expertise in multifamily and adaptive reuse projects and an intimate knowledge of Detroit.  The firm’s innovative approach to transformative design is exemplified by its plans for East Riverfront, Detroit Foundation Hotel and DuCharme Place – designed for the people and communities who now inhabit them.

James Tumey / Friedman Urban – Exclusive Sales & Marketing

James heads up Friedman’s urban initiative as Vice President, with a focus on marketing, sales & branding new developments. Born and raised in Metro Detroit, and a resident of Corktown, James started in the real estate business in 2010. With James’s design/photography background and the knowledge he’s developed through his years of experience, he’s able to present fresh ideas and exclusive opportunities to his clients.

Wolf VR – Renderings

An innovative and enthusiastic company dedicated to providing eye-popping digital visualizations to the real estate market, working hand-in-hand with developers, architects, designers and others. Wolf Virtual Reality turns your client’s vision into reality, with hyper-realistic 3D modeling, simulations, renderings and animated videos.

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